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Looking through the website that you currently have and giving you a detailed analysis of its currently functionality, responsiveness and user friendliness.  As well as the core important factors I will also analyse the layout, design, theme and colour scheme to give you feedback on how this can have an impact on the visitors to your site.

I will analyse the site across a medium of devices so that I can give you a comprehensive breakdown of what your website is doing for you currently.

From this you can then decide if you wish to make any changes to your website to improve what it can do for you.

Creative custom styling!
Mood Boards – Themes – Colour Schemes

Style and creativity is a particular favourite of mine because although functionality is important you will find that what the potential customers think of your business based on the visual of your website is far more important than you think.  Consider other site builders such as Shopify and how they all look much the same.  With a WordPress website you can have a unique look that will attract the attention of any visitor.

Did you know?
39% of people will stop engaging with a website if the images won't load or take too long to load.

Building you a custom website to promote your company and all it has to offer.

Filled with functionality to suit your business needs such as membership area, image carousel to display your work and much much more!  We will go through everything you are looking to have on your website and produce you a professional site to match your brand / business and showcase it's potential.

One the development of the website has been completed it will go through vigorous testing of responsiveness, functionality and user friendliness.  These are some of the most important aspect of the design and development process as this is where you will discover any issues that may arise prior to launching your site to the public.

After completion of the development of your website there are two options…  Everything can either be handed over to you to take care of or you can look into maintenance packages.

These packages ensure that your website will run smoothly and that any errors that occur are dealt with giving your user the best experience possible.  These also cover any anomalies or mistakes that may have occurred during construction. 

Larger items such as adding new functionality or making significant changes to the look, style or wording of the site would require a redesign contract to be brought into effect.

Taking your existing website and redesigning it to give it a fresh new look.  Utilising better functionality, upgrading your content to reflect your growing business, refreshing the branding to accompany the brand as it develops over time.

Adding in new usability across a variety of different forms as your company expands to offer more to its customers and clientele.


Our web studio creates and promotes websites, we work for the result.

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